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From needle and thread to the sewing machine

Sewing, one of the oldest handcrafts, was revolutionized during the period of industrialization. Around 1790, the first attempts were made to mechanize sewing. The production of the sewing machine rapidly became a lucrative market, because the sewing machine was one of the first mechanical devices that could be sold all over the world and to practically every household as well as to important industries. From the mid-19th century on some models were built in larger production units.

The development of the sewing machine, considered in the field of technology, as well as in a social and historical context, is an excellent example of development and progress. The development of the sewing machine was in part the driving force in areas such as patent law (and its avoidance) and, among others, the development of payment by instalments ("Leasing" was originally introduced for buying a sewing machine.)
A sewing machine was considered both as progress in productivity, and conversely as a danger to the craft of hand stitching. It was both a tool and a sign of wealth.


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